Dark Chocolate & Pistachio Coco Meringues

I never make meringues. My grandma makes the best meringues and every time I visit her I come home with a tin full, so I never feel the need to make my own. But no-one said I have to make plain meringues, & this is where Lily Vanilli comes in.


Last Sunday morning I decided to try her Coco Meringues dipped in Chocolate & Crushed Pistachios. They’re super easy to make, just plenty of egg whipping and then a good couple of hours in the oven. Sadly I didn’t really think about the fact that we had a friend coming over for a roast dinner, so meringues occupying the oven for 2 hours wasn’t ideal. I took them out after an hour and a half and put them in the airing cupboard to keep drying out instead! It’s not a technique I’ve seen recommended in any books but it didn’t seem to do them too much damage. The inside was a little more mousse-like than chewy, but oh god that was not a bad thing…




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