Scandi Banana Bread

I treated myself to Scandilicious Baking by Signe Johansen last autumn but I’ve only baked a couple of things from it so far. Having sent that I’ve learnt things just from those couple of uses. Like the delight of using spelt flour in cakes… delicious indeed.

We get our fruit and veg delivered every week from Abel & Cole which means that sometimes we get the same thing in consecutive weeks we end up with a stash that we need to use up, and that usually means that I need to find something to bake with them. Luckily, bananas are easy. This time I tried Signe’s banana bread.



It’s a super easy recipe where pretty much everything is combined in one go, using wholemeal flour, spelt flour & oats to create a really thick, comforting quick bread. Not too sweet (I’d add more syrup if you’re looking for more of a cake) it was perfect with a little butter. We demolished the first half of the loaf in about 15 mins and then forgot about it. A week later I retrieved it from the tin and aside from being a touch stale round the edges it was still delicious. It just needed a slightly thicker smear of butter. No complaints here.

Scandi-Banana-Bread-03 Scandi-Banana-Bread-04 Scandi-Banana-Bread-05 Scandi-Banana-Bread-06


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