Sourdough Loaf : Disastrous Attempts 2 & 3

The Boy & I decided that we would paint our flat this January. I have some days off to use before April so can comfortably take a few long weekends to get it done. A couple of weeks ago we took a long weekend to paint our bedroom and, never one to turn down the opportunity that being at home presents, I decided I’d bake some bread at the same time. Clearly this was the perfect time to crack this sourdough malarkey. Clearly not.




The first attempt on the Friday went really well. The loaf was rising nicely, even if it was spreading too much, and I left it overnight in the airing cupboard as it was so cold for it to finish it’s rise. What I didn’t think about was that I’d left cling-film over the top to protect it from any airing cupboard dust. The cling-film stuck to it, big time, and as I removed it the next day it ripped the top half of the loaf off. I baked it, but it was totally pointless, it came out like a pancake. I was so frustrated I didn’t even take a photo.

But, I soldiered on. It was only Saturday so I could have another go to bake on Sunday. The dough wasn’t quite as good, but I put it back in the airing cupboard to rise, and over proofed it. You can see in the photo that it’s risen & collapsed. It also had a hard skin on the outside which was hiding a huge air bubble underneath. I baked it anyway, because I wanted to see what happened. I then over baked it. It obviously wasn’t my weekend. It was awful but we ate one loaf, like breadsticks. Waste not want not.



I’m in two minds whether to keep trying or to wait for my Sourdough Course at the E5 Bakery. But that’s in May. And let’s be honest, it’s no guarantee that I will be able to replicate at home…


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