The Sourdough Is Back

There was a slight mix up at Christmas that meant my sourdough was left in the fridge at my mother’s house so sadly my quiet January weekends have been devoid of bread baking. But I am glad to say that that is about to change! The sourdough is back.

Sourdough Refresh 01

I’ve been reading a lot about sourdough on Azelia’s Kitchen, Sourdough Surprises and The Wayward Oven so tonight I rescued my sourdough from the top shelf of my fridge and refreshed it for the first time since Christmas. I followed Dan’s instructions for refreshing a long neglected starter, and mixed a couple of teaspoons of the thick, gelatinous starter with 100g water and 125g flour. But as I’d decided to experiment with using rye flour to maintain my starter rather than white bread flour it needed more water to prevent it being too thick, about an extra 25g (100% hydration).

Sourdough Refresh 02

I had also noticed as I retrieved my jar from the fridge that it was looking particularly crusty so at the same time as refreshing the sourdough I scrubbed it clean. So this weekend I can start afresh with a shiny jar and a newly fed starter. Bring on the bread…!


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