Running Brighton Marathon for GoodGym

This April I’m running the 2013 Brighton Marathon. That’s right, a whole marathon. I’ve been into running for a few years now and have run a few short races and tackled Ealing Half Marathon back in September, but this will be my first marathon. Training is well underway, I even went for a gentle 3.5 mile run to my GoodGym coach in Stepney Green this morning through the snow.


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And I’ll be raising money for GoodGym by while running this marathon. GoodGym are a social enterprise based in East London who combine volunteering & running to give people meaningful reasons to exercise. I join them on their group runs to local community projects & charities every Monday evening, and I have also been paired up with a Goodgym coach to run to once a week. My coach, John, lives in a care home in Stepney Green.  He has dementia and no family so I run to visit him once a week to make sure that he gets a frequent visitor. Goodgym‘s work connecting runners with elderly, housebound people is amazing. It gives the runner a reason to get off the sofa and the coach knows that someone’s going to pop in, which hopefully alleviates some of the loneliness that is such a problem in our big cities. Read more about Goodgym on their website. It started in East London, but it’s spreading so why not see if one’s opening near you soon!

I’ll be baking throughout my training to raise money, but I’m also asking people to sponsor me and if you’re so inclined you can do so here.


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