Sourdough Starter Day 5 03

Sourdough Starter Day 5

Yesterday I got home quite late, but luckily I still remembered to check my starter. Dan’s instructions say that there should be some signs of fermentation by now (day 4), but I just couldn’t see any. The water had separated and was a golden brown colour suggesting the raisins were still breaking down, but there weren’t any signs of bubbles. I was worried that my kitchen might be too cold, but as cooler temperatures slow down the yeast rather than killing it I decided to just stir it up and put it back in the cupboard for another  24 hours.

Sourdough Starter Day 4 01

This evening it looked more promising.  The water had separated again and the colour was quite an even stronger brown, but it did look like there were a few bubbles coming up from the dough at the bottom. So I followed Dan’s instructions for day 4, starting by discarding roughly 3/4 of the mixture. I probably didn’t discard enough, I felt a bit sad just pouring it down the sink! I then mixed in some water, poured the thinned mix through a strainer and returned it to the jar before stirring in strong white flour. It’s now much thicker than previous days & is certainly starting to look how I think a starter should look. I guess only time will tell if it had fermented enough before I poured most of it away!

Sourdough Starter Day 5 01

Sourdough Starter Day 5 02

Sourdough Starter Day 5 03


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