Cinnamon Apple Cake 01

Cinnamon-Sugar Apple Cake

Our Abel & Cole box has been overflowing with apples for the last few weeks, and we just haven’t managed to eat them all. As they start to get a bit too soft I move them into the fridge to make sure they don’t go bad, but we still don’t seem to be making a dent in them. For me the obvious answer to a glut of fruit is to bake with it, and when ploughing through my neglected Google Reader feed yesterday this Cinnamon-Sugar Apple Skillet Cake came up on Joy the Baker‘s blog.

Cinnamon Apple Cake 01

I already had all of the ingredients in the cupboard (bonus) and it was a really quick sponge to make, so straight away I’m a fan! I don’t really understand the current internet obsession with skillet cakes. I own plenty of cake tins, why wouldn’t I use them? So for this cake I used a 9″ springform pan. Once the mix was made, I sliced three apples into segments, as thinly as possible, and laid them in two circles on top before dusting very liberally with the cinnamon sugar.  I baked it for a little longer than specified, I think I put it in for another 8 minutes as the first time I took it out it was still very wobbly.

Cinnamon Apple Cake 03

Cinnamon Apple Cake 02

What a gorgeous cake. Delicate, soft sponge, but somehow still feels wholesome & filling. Lightly spiced and slightly sweet. Delicious. The perfect cake to go with a cup of tea. Today’s slice survived the ride into work in my backpack and was the just what I needed as a pick-me-up this afternoon.

Cinnamon Apple Cake 04


Oh and another tip, the leftover cinnamon-sugar is delicious on everything. Absolutely everything.


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